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Dear Dish-It, We all know most people have had at least ONE online relationship before, or even had a crush on someone over the internet... Is it even possible to date/have a crush on someone you've never met?

Forty days later he was released, penniless, and was forbidden from practicing as a rabbi.

She apparently never wanted to be my friend, as my mom told me. After all, I started coming to a different church since February and I barely know anyone...

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Even if he does not take you up on the offer, and you suspect that he won't, that is okay because you have done your part to facilitate his Shabbat observance.

("Minchas Shlomo" :1) Further, Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch explains that since you have their spiritual good in mind, this is not placing "stumbling block in front of the blind." (Teshuvos V'hanhagos 8) Some rabbis go even further and say that you can let them drive if you estimate that this particular Shabbat experience will have a significant effect on their moving along in Torah commitment. ) The bottom line is that every situation is different, and you should consult with your own rabbi for guidance. At age 13, Heller went to study in Prague with the famed sage, Maharal, and at 18 he was appointed a member of the Maharal's rabbinical court, a position he held for 27 years.

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  2. But when a widowed Holocaust survivor and close friend of ours wanted to marry another close friend, my wife was supportive; clearly they were not going to have any children. Holding the Jewish community's line on not performing interfaith marriages or the happiness of this couple?