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A strong aspect is that they do not shy away from conflict if it resolves misunderstandings and unspoken awkwardness. There are always times when the relationship goes through a rocky phase.

ESTJs are strongly rooted people who believe in themselves and their partners. ESTJs approach at these times is calm and full reassuring rational attitude. They expect the same level of effort, energy and intelligence that they bring. The direct logical approach lacks the subtlety that fragile emotions can demand at times.

A “guardian” type is often not interested in information that is subjective or emotional.

Some individuals with this persona may not have patience for people who are overly emotional, lazy, or inefficient.

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Respect their values Like other personality types which are made up of the Thinking and Judging traits, ESTJs put great store by a value system based on order, duty and very often, hierarchy.

ESTJs are very confident in their knowledge and decision-making.This personality is one of the more common personas and makes up just under 12 percent of the population.Individuals with this personality love to be a part of something traditional and meaningful.So if you are keen to impress your ESTJ partner, make sure you display a sense of values in all aspects of your behavior- personal, social and professional.A person who lies to a boss or cheats a hard-working cabbie of his rightful fare is unlikely to come across as an ideal partner to an ESTJ.

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They tend to throw a lot of energy into making a relationship as comfortable and happy as possible.

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