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Scotty and Mils prepare for the upcoming Bledisoe Cup series by calling in former Wallaby Stephen Hoiles to find out whether the men in yellow have a chance against an All Blacks side out to prove their dominance after a disappointing Lions series.

Mils makes his picks for the first round of the ITM cup and Scotty tries to find the meaning behind Steve Hansen starring in a movie about biscuits and the apocalypse.

As a girl from the German Rhineland and Karneval is a big part of her life. Girls are only the ones allowed in the audience but men can be on stage. A bit tired still I start the day -with a hell lot of coffee. So we chat about Karneval, the Holi-Fest and family traditions… The closer I get to the party the more people in costumes walk along.

Iris started testing and traveling in her early twenties and lately shares her experiences at Meine Auslese. Here is a quick guide for the Karneval Season in Cologne: Good Morning and Hello “Weiberfastnacht” – like every year the girls day of Karneval. If you now find a guy with a tie in your office or on the street, grab it and simply cut it of. It’s midday and I’m dressing up for the “Mädchensitzung”… We enjoy prosecco and wine…Yes, on thursdays it can get a little crazy. Sometimes you even meet your future husband or wife this way…

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