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The biographer, however, begins with certain limiting little facts." ~ Leon Edel In an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Steve Weinberg (author of Taking on the Trust: The Epic Battle of Ida Tarbell and John D.

Rockefeller) recommends that students of biography read The Many Lives of Marilyn Monroe by Sarah Churchwell.

I've spent enough time on the water to love the ocean, but also to be constantly terrified of it.

In general, I hope to contribute to a world where we value skills and relationships over careers and money, where we know better than to trust cops or politicians, and where we're passionate about building and creating things in a self-motivated and self-directed way.

Bribery charges against members of the former Perry Christie-led Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) are still being dished out as a third member of the party is now being hauled to court.We expect the process to take about a month and the new community pages to be active later this summer. "A novelist, in his omniscience, knows the measure of his characters, out of his passion, for all sorts of conditions of human life.from a producer's standpoint, it's a tough sell," Callan says in a phone interview with Seven Days."When you have five people in a show, they bring five networks of [audience members.]" Regardless, she says she's committed to sharing the stories of individual performers.

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"Churchwell compares every biography ever written of the dead actress.

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