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Lisa struggled with a sexless marriage for over twenty years.

In her mid-forties she couldn’t stand it any longer and chose to end the marriage.

I was too young and I just went with it but I wasn’t really excited about it.

I let my mom plan my wedding, and I think looking back, I was not ready at all. Three weeks afterwards I called my mom crying and I said,“I think he’s changed his mind.”I remember hiding with the phone in the closet, he was sleeping. ”I said, “He hasn’t touched me since our honeymoon, it’s been three weeks.”She said “What?

When we are talking about a “sexless marriage," we are talking about an marriage where one spouse consistently feels as though they are not having sex as often as they wish.

You may be one of the growing number of both men and women who report having sex far less frequently than you wish.

In pride parades it kind of goes back to that society is sexualised — just because I'm not having sex doesn't mean I can't fall in love," Dae said.

Dae said there were a number of online dating sites that either catered specifically to asexual people, or allowed you to identify as an asexual, though they were not fail safe.

Asexuality is an absence of sexual attraction — some asexual people are in romantic relationships where sometimes they desire sex, and some are in romantic relationships where they never desire sex, and some are not in romantic relationships at all.

Sex and relationship therapist Cyndi Darnell said it was only in the last 10 years that researchers had even begun to try to understand it."We don't even understand heterosexuality especially well, we think we do because we tend to use heterosexuality as the default setting ...

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