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Could you please share log messages from logcat when flight mode is OFF? Looking at the Android monitor now there is way less network activity now, and because of that there is way less CPU and RAM activity, and the lag is gone.

The VMs were running for weeks without issues but I strongly believe that restarting solved the issue.

When flight mode is OFF there is lots of activity in RAM usage, CPU usage and network.

There is hardly any activity in RAM and CPU usage when flight mode is ON and updating the document is quick, there is no lag, app does not freeze! Hi @benjamin_glatzeder, Each release we measured performance of CBL with using internal performance test tool.

I will definitely talk more about the foyer and hallway progress in the future! I don’t know if it was caused by the water or the liquid fabric softener I used with it. What grit sandpaper did you use and, what do you think about using a power sander?

Today though I want to share a 1 year update on my DIY painted couch. No chipping and no signs of any other kind of wear. If you follow the tutorial (which states to sand a lot after painting) then the couch is not rough. I started out with 120 grit and then finished with 400 grit. It is comfortable enough to sit on but it is not cozy.

However, every once in a while, you work on a project where you probably think to yourself, "Why am I doing all this work?

" The project you're working on contains very simple bits of data or data that's difficult to predict — you might get different data fields on different days or even from transaction to transaction.

It’s comfortable enough to me for occasional use but it’s not what I want to cozy up on multiple times a day. This would be extremely important if you want to use the furniture piece outside or if you feel the upholstered couch or chair is at risk to getting spilled on (like if it was an upholstered dining room chair).Something I’ve been dreaming about doing for over a year (but have been too scared to do) is finally happening this week!!As we speak I have the first coat of Benjamin Moore Simply White painted throughout my entry and 2 story foyer and I am loving how it looks (huge sign of relief)! The paint got a bit splotchy though in a few places.It’s been a year and 2 weeks to be exact and I still cant believe that I actually painted a couch! The super fine grit sandpaper is what really smooths it out the best. I think you could try it but just be careful not to push too hard into the upholstery. It it similar to the stiff feel of outdoor furniture.:-) I have received a lot of questions about this particular project and I really feel I owe it to you guys to do a 1 year follow up post on the subject! It is fine to sit on for an hour but it’s not something you want to cozy up on and read a book or take nap.

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If you're working with highly structured data with lots of relationships, it's the way to go.

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