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Philip De Franco net worth: Philip De Franco is an American video blogger and You Tube celebrity who has a net worth of million.Phillp De Franco has built his net worth from videos has created covering current events, politics and celebrity gossip.Having joined You Tube over a decade ago in 2006, De Franco’s rise to fame has been slow and steady.Four days a week, he hosts the hugely popular ‘The Philip De Franco Show’ in which he discusses issues like current events, politics, pop culture, and celebrity gossip, and offers his sarcastic commentary on them.

Earlier in the year he called attention to their demonetization policy which started the trending hashtag #You Tube Is Over Party.He has aired his videos voicing his opinion on things on the You Tube channel "Philip De Franco".Philip Franchini was born in The Bronx, New York in December 1985.series, an end of year spotlight video that You Tube puts out to highlight the most popular content creators on the platform.Being featured on You Tube Rewind can really boost a channels subscribers, so it’s a coveted spot and to date Philip has never been featured.

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He has more than 3 million subscribers and 1 billion views. In 2003 he sold the channels to Discovery Digital Networks. De Franco is engaged to Lindsay Jordan Doty and has a son.

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